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Preparing your property for photographs

Preparing your property for a photoshoot can be a big task and exhausting, but making sure your property is photo ready is one of the most important steps for a successful shoot. This checklist should give you a good understanding of how to bring the best out of your property whether you are selling, renting, or marketing for Airbnb.
Clean/dust the home from top to bottom

Declutter and put away all non-essential items including bins, toys, clothes, washing up, pet items & general clutter. Remove any personal photographs and items from walls and surfaces that do not want to be included. Wipe down and clean all surfaces and furnishings in every room. Making the property look natural without distractions.

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Open all curtains/blinds and clean every window

Natural light is the best light source for photos and video, open all curtains and blinds in the property to let in as much light as possible. Clean all windows to be streak free as this will show up in photos. Remove all personal and unnecessary items from window sills to avoid distractions.

Make all bedding, pillows, towels & throws

Plump that pillow! Make and decorate all beds with matching sheets, pillows and decorative throws. Plump and straight all pillows on sofas and chairs. Straighten all towels, blankets and wall hangings, using fresh towels too. Close all toilet seats and remove any personalised decor.

Remove all pet items

Put away all pet items including bedding, toys, food, bowls and pet itself. Vacuum all pet hair off flooring, carpets, furniture and items. Remove any pet waste from the front and back exteriors of the property. Touch up and repair any damaged items and furniture. 

Tidy up front & back gardens and driveway

First impressions are crucial, remove all garden waste and unwanted items from the front & back exterior areas of the property. Remove all pets & children's toys and waste. Hide all rubbish and wheelie bins out of sight of exterior areas. All exterior lawn areas are mown and deweed driveway with simple landscaping done of exterior areas. 

Clear all vehicles from road & driveway

Park all cars and vehicles out of sight of driveway and nearby road. Ask neighbours to refrain from parking opposite property during scheduled photography slot time if needed. Declutter and tidy garage with the removal of all unwanted items, clean garage door and property exterior features (windows, front/back door, exterior window sills). 

Dress exterior features and furniture

If weather acceptable, clean and dress all outdoor tables and chairs with pillows, cutlery and staging items. Open all table umbrellas and clean all patio & decking areas. If necessary, clean stage any BBQ, pond, and/or pool areas. 

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